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Google record Online Shopping history Gmail users

Google's giant tech company is secretly tracking its user spending history through the Gmail service. In fact, shopping transactions made online for at least five years ago, are still recorded.

All of this history is contained in a page titled  "Purchases " or "Purchase " which lists almost all user transactions via online sites, such as Amazon.

From the popular KompasTekno, some users in Indonesia also acknowledge the history of online transactions from Tokopedia, Blibli.com, and Lazada are stored on this page.

 "The note is only Lazada with Blibli, com, " I Veronika Yasinta, one of the Gmail users in Indonesia who do some online shopping.

Google does not slap have recorded the history of online shopping transactions of users. The reason is that it can help users see their list of purchase history again.

 "To help you more easily view and track purchases, bookings, and subscriptions in one place, we create one privacy place that can only be seen by you," obviously Google representatives, reported by KompasTekno from CNBC, Monday (20/5/2019).

Google adds, these histories can be deleted at any time. However, to remove all transaction history, you must comb each incoming message in Gmail regarding the purchase.

 "We do not use any information from your Gmail messages to provide you with advertisements, including the purchase receipt and the confirmation displayed on the page " Purchase  "," I Google.

In Google's privacy page, it is mentioned that only users can see the AD history list. But it is also stated that  "information about the booking may be stored in other Google service activities."

The user can manage what data is stored on the page  "purchase " in the menu  "Activity controls". Google says, the purchase recording can be completely distributed by setting a preference on the search page.

However, the CNBC is hosted, it does not completely disable the recording of online purchase history on Google.

While Google claims to not misuse this data, it is why Google should store almost any purchase history in certain online stores and make it hard to remove.

Google just says, going forward it will make it a simpler feature to organize the storage of personal data like this.

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