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5 Reason why Samsung Smartphones are Expensive

5 Reason why Samsung Smartphones are Expensive - Nowadays it has many brands of Android smartphones that are scattered in the electronics market. From various brands, Samsung has always been the main choice of consumers.

Even before Android became such a trend today, Android is always identified with the Samsung Galaxy. Therefore, it is no wonder that Samsung's Galaxy series is called to help Android greatness.

At least it is valid in Indonesia. The famous Galaxy series, making many other Android smartphone brands emerge.

Starting from the low end segment until high end is all available. For Samsung's high end Android smartphones, it is obviously priced at an expensive price. Even the price of the smartphone is comparable to that of a motorcycle.

Meanwhile for the low end class, when compared to other smartphone brands, the price of the Galaxy Android smartphone is still higher.

The price can be deduced from all Samsung smartphones, it is always more expensive than their competitors.

In fact, if you need a Samsung brand featured phone, the price still remains expensive. This is inversely proportional to the locally made featured phone, even with the same specifications.

Apparently there are several reasons behind the expensive Samsung smartphones. Some of these reasons include:


Surely that is the first reason the expensive Samsung smartphones are branding. Samsung has successfully built a strong and positive image.

In addition the name Samsung is indeed long known by many people. Not only in the world of smartphones, Samsung is also famous for its electronic products such as refrigerators, AIR conditioners, TVS, and so forth.

Actually Samsung once made a variety of mobile phone products. However, their name is just a breakthrough, after presenting the smartphone with an Android OS.

Meanwhile, with the long-known name of the community, it is certain that it will make people believe in Samsung.

Therefore, when Samsung releases the latest product, people will not hesitate to buy the product although it is expensive.

Therefore, it is reasonable when the price of Samsung smartphones is very expensive. That's because Samsung has strong branding as a leading smartphone manufacturer.


So far there are many other smartphone vendors, which also have a lot of good products. But alas, their names aren't too strong like Samsung.

Why can it like that? Because Samsung managed to reap success through spending their ads.

When creating ads, Samsung has never had the responsibility of doing so. Can be seen when new product appears. Their advertisements are almost scattered in various media, either print media or electronic media.

Not only that, Samsung is also intelligent in advertising on social media and online media. Not infrequently they put up a billboard poster on the street.

Noted, Samsung has posted advertisements in 58 countries. Due to the high advertising budget, it is no wonder that Samsung's smartphone selling price is so expensive.

Using high Technology

In general, Samsung smartphones come with the latest technology. Not infrequently they also produce new innovations, so adapted by other smartphone vendors.

Arguably, if Samsung is a pioneer in delivering innovation and technology in the smartphone world.

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Best quality

So far Samsung is well-known, as a vendor who often presents quality products. In general, their best products are in flagship class.

Meanwhile, the second level is in the middle-end class. Many of Samsung's best products attract attention. One of them is Samsung Galaxy S as well as Samsung Galaxy Note.

As for the middle-end class, there is a Samsung Galaxy A Series that attracts attention. Arguably for series A, experienced a quality improvement as well as specifications. It can be seen from the Samsung Galaxy A8 2018, and the Samsung Galaxy A8 + 2018.

Aftersales Service

The after-sales service from Samsung entered the best. Because when a smartphone is damaged, users do not have to wait long, like after sales service from another smartphone vendor.

There is one service from Samsung called My Samsung Device. The services are user-accessible, for call center needs 24 hours a day.

In addition, users can also easily carry a defective Samsung smartphone to a service center. Samsung Service centers have been scattered in many major cities.

There, users can also redeem the warranty. Users will be pleased, because Samsung's warranty service is the most fast and easy.

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