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5 Beranda That Attract Attention This Year

5 Beranda That Attract Attention This Year - The end of the year is still long. But it does not hurt if we see what brand phone that attracts attention this year.

Every year, mobile brands release various devices. Each strives to make a breakthrough that attracts people's interests. Anyway every year there is always a difference. This is what makes the development of interesting smartphones followed.

Here are some examples. A few years ago, LG and Huawei popularized the use of dual cameras. Following that trend, Xiaomi, Essential and Apple pushed the trend of the bezel-less screen. The achievement is not merely from the technology side. Last year Motorola managed to seize the heart of society with the Moto G5s Plus who got a premium body at an affordable price. What about this year?


This year Huawei managed to seize the attention of society. First, they released the P20 phone with a configuration of 3 rear cameras. In addition to that configuration, they also popularized the color of gradations on the back of the phone. Then, they managed to defeat Apple as the world's second-largest mobile phone brand. This is obviously not a small feat.


All know that Xiaomi is popular for always giving cheap mobile phones with above average specs. Technologically, no one is breaking. But Xiaomi manages to evolve amazingly. Currently they are able to sit in the 4th place of the best-selling mobile phone IDC. In addition, they also spread the wings with the mobile game Black Shark and the cheap flagship mobile POCO F1.


Usually ASUS is not too stealing attention in the smartphone area. But this year it changed. ASUS released the ROG Phone to be a dream mobile game. Not only that, ASUS is also playing beautifully in the middle class by launching the Zenfone Max Pro M1 that is rebutant. Thus it seemed as if ASUS reminded us why he had a big name in the computer field.


This phone brand is probably one of the favorite people around the world. After his "fall" with Windows Phone, Nokia's name rose through the cold hands of HMD Global. Currently the Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 6.1 phones receive various compliments as mobile phones that value. HMD Global is slowly carrying out Nokia's peculiarities as it used to develop Nokia Pro camera applications.


Maybe nobody thinks that this brand of handphone can be a conversation in various technology forums. It used to be Vivo "only" Chinese phones that hobby imitating iPhone. However, this year Vivo shows its appeal. Vivo becomes the first mobile with a fingerprint sensor on the screen. Then he also pushed the bezel-less screen by introducing a pop-up camera at Vivo Nex.  Not undeniable, Vivo is indeed a name that steals attention.

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