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5 Beranda That Attract Attention This Year

5 Beranda That Attract Attention This Year - The end of the year is still long. But it does not hurt if we see what brand phone that attracts attention this year.

Every year, mobile brands release various devices. Each strives to make a breakthrough that attracts people's interests. Anyway every year there is always a difference. This is what makes the development of interesting smartphones followed.

Here are some examples. A few years ago, LG and Huawei popularized the use of dual cameras. Following that trend, Xiaomi, Essential and Apple pushed the trend of the bezel-less screen. The achievement is not merely from the technology side. Last year Motorola managed to seize the heart of society with the Moto G5s Plus who got a premium body at an affordable price. What about this year?


This year Huawei managed to seize the attention of society. First, they released the P20 phone with a configuration of 3 rear cameras. In addition to that configuration, they also popularized the color of gradations on the back of the phone. Then, they managed to defeat Apple as the world's second-largest mobile phone brand. This is obviously not a small feat.


All know that Xiaomi is popular for always giving cheap mobile phones with above average specs. Technologically, no one is breaking. But Xiaomi manages to evolve amazingly. Currently they are able to sit in the 4th place of the best-selling mobile phone IDC. In addition, they also spread the wings with the mobile game Black Shark and the cheap flagship mobile POCO F1.


Usually ASUS is not too stealing attention in the smartphone area. But this year it changed. ASUS released the ROG Phone to be a dream mobile game. Not only that, ASUS is also playing beautifully in the middle class by launching the Zenfone Max Pro M1 that is rebutant. Thus it seemed as if ASUS reminded us why he had a big name in the computer field.


This phone brand is probably one of the favorite people around the world. After his "fall" with Windows Phone, Nokia's name rose through the cold hands of HMD Global. Currently the Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 6.1 phones receive various compliments as mobile phones that value. HMD Global is slowly carrying out Nokia's peculiarities as it used to develop Nokia Pro camera applications.


Maybe nobody thinks that this brand of handphone can be a conversation in various technology forums. It used to be Vivo "only" Chinese phones that hobby imitating iPhone. However, this year Vivo shows its appeal. Vivo becomes the first mobile with a fingerprint sensor on the screen. Then he also pushed the bezel-less screen by introducing a pop-up camera at Vivo Nex.  Not undeniable, Vivo is indeed a name that steals attention.

5 Reason why Samsung Smartphones are Expensive

5 Reason why Samsung Smartphones are Expensive - Nowadays it has many brands of Android smartphones that are scattered in the electronics market. From various brands, Samsung has always been the main choice of consumers.

Even before Android became such a trend today, Android is always identified with the Samsung Galaxy. Therefore, it is no wonder that Samsung's Galaxy series is called to help Android greatness.

At least it is valid in Indonesia. The famous Galaxy series, making many other Android smartphone brands emerge.

Starting from the low end segment until high end is all available. For Samsung's high end Android smartphones, it is obviously priced at an expensive price. Even the price of the smartphone is comparable to that of a motorcycle.

Meanwhile for the low end class, when compared to other smartphone brands, the price of the Galaxy Android smartphone is still higher.

The price can be deduced from all Samsung smartphones, it is always more expensive than their competitors.

In fact, if you need a Samsung brand featured phone, the price still remains expensive. This is inversely proportional to the locally made featured phone, even with the same specifications.

Apparently there are several reasons behind the expensive Samsung smartphones. Some of these reasons include:


Surely that is the first reason the expensive Samsung smartphones are branding. Samsung has successfully built a strong and positive image.

In addition the name Samsung is indeed long known by many people. Not only in the world of smartphones, Samsung is also famous for its electronic products such as refrigerators, AIR conditioners, TVS, and so forth.

Actually Samsung once made a variety of mobile phone products. However, their name is just a breakthrough, after presenting the smartphone with an Android OS.

Meanwhile, with the long-known name of the community, it is certain that it will make people believe in Samsung.

Therefore, when Samsung releases the latest product, people will not hesitate to buy the product although it is expensive.

Therefore, it is reasonable when the price of Samsung smartphones is very expensive. That's because Samsung has strong branding as a leading smartphone manufacturer.


So far there are many other smartphone vendors, which also have a lot of good products. But alas, their names aren't too strong like Samsung.

Why can it like that? Because Samsung managed to reap success through spending their ads.

When creating ads, Samsung has never had the responsibility of doing so. Can be seen when new product appears. Their advertisements are almost scattered in various media, either print media or electronic media.

Not only that, Samsung is also intelligent in advertising on social media and online media. Not infrequently they put up a billboard poster on the street.

Noted, Samsung has posted advertisements in 58 countries. Due to the high advertising budget, it is no wonder that Samsung's smartphone selling price is so expensive.

Using high Technology

In general, Samsung smartphones come with the latest technology. Not infrequently they also produce new innovations, so adapted by other smartphone vendors.

Arguably, if Samsung is a pioneer in delivering innovation and technology in the smartphone world.

[IRP posts = "57019" name = "Samsung Di sued for the Galaxy Note 9 burned in the bag"]

Best quality

So far Samsung is well-known, as a vendor who often presents quality products. In general, their best products are in flagship class.

Meanwhile, the second level is in the middle-end class. Many of Samsung's best products attract attention. One of them is Samsung Galaxy S as well as Samsung Galaxy Note.

As for the middle-end class, there is a Samsung Galaxy A Series that attracts attention. Arguably for series A, experienced a quality improvement as well as specifications. It can be seen from the Samsung Galaxy A8 2018, and the Samsung Galaxy A8 + 2018.

Aftersales Service

The after-sales service from Samsung entered the best. Because when a smartphone is damaged, users do not have to wait long, like after sales service from another smartphone vendor.

There is one service from Samsung called My Samsung Device. The services are user-accessible, for call center needs 24 hours a day.

In addition, users can also easily carry a defective Samsung smartphone to a service center. Samsung Service centers have been scattered in many major cities.

There, users can also redeem the warranty. Users will be pleased, because Samsung's warranty service is the most fast and easy.

3 Alternatives to Adobe Premiere Pro for Windows and Mac

3 Alternatives to Adobe Premiere Pro for Windows and Mac - Photo and video editing apps are already a must-have app that most people use to produce more cool pictures/videos, especially for photographers and YouTubers.

And this time we're going to talk about a super cool video editing app that's widely used by most people. Adobe Premier Pro, this app is one of the best apps available for editing videos to your liking.

This cool application is the most used app by YouTubers and people who are in the professional movie world. Despite being one of the most used applications, this Adobe Premier Pro also has its own drawbacks.

The drawback of this one is the compatibility that occurred with the MAC operating system in a few months yesterday. So for users of MAC operating systems, maybe Adobe Premier Pro is less suitable for use.

But you don't have to be sad or worried anymore, below are 3 cool video editor alternatives that are suitable for MAC and Windows users though.

Avid Media Composer (Windows and MacOS)

The first recommendation is Avid medical Composer, this app is perfect for you Windows and MacOS users.

Avid Media Composer is one of the tools for editing videos that are usually used by people who make movies and do have to accomplish their large projects.

Some notable films such as the Guardian of Galaxy Vol. 2, The Martian, and Baby Driver are examples of films that have been editing using the Avid Media Composer.

Don't be surprised if you've felt this sensation from Avid Media Composer, it's guaranteed you'll feel if it's a tool for editing the best videos on the market now.

And for those of you who have a low budget, do not be afraid to use this tool, because there is a free version that can kalin use "Avid Media Composer | First ".

Final Cut Pro X (MacOS)

The next one is Final Cut Pro X. If you're a MAC operating system user, your may will consider this final Cut Pro X as a video editing app that's perfect for Macs in terms of performance and stability.

Not only does it have a good working system, but for most of the features it will be more convenient for you to manage your projects.

Discussing its features, it is undeniable that Final Cut Pro has the same features as the Adobe Premier Pro.

And one important thing you should remember is, Final Cut Pro X is very easy to learn, even though a beginner.

DaVinci Resolve 15 (Windows, MacOS)

Next up is Davinci Resolve 15, this one new editing tool released a few months ago by Blackmagic Design.

Given its name with Davinci Resolve 15, this tool is one of the best tools for editing video, and of course it is suitable as a substitute for Adobe Premier Pro.

DaVinci Resolve 15 is always the best software for video editing, especially in terms of color correction.

With new updates, making DaVinci Resolve 15 is increasingly a better software.

Even now, this tool can not only be used for video editing and color correction, but you can also use it to complete post-production audio, visual effects and, of course, much more.

Number of Cameras in Mobile Start too Much

Number of Cameras in Mobile Start too Much - Cameras are indeed one of the charms when we buy mobile phones. Lately, the number of mobile phone cameras is increasing. It started to look exaggerated.

Mobile Camera Competition

Mobile camera competition has lasted for a long time. The first truly stunning breakthrough is probably Nokia's PureView technology. This technology had sat on the top of the camera comparison test at that time. Since Nokia mobile phones are still independent, until it becomes part of Microsoft.

Anyway, the camera with great resolution does not evolve into a trend at the time. Adaptations of other brands of Handphone can be said nil.

Then present the next wave. Dual camera trends. The Huawei P9 is one of the pioneers of this technology. The dual camera that carries the bokeh effect (DoF) demonstrates the capabilities that the phone camera has previously been difficult to achieve. Although slow, dual cameras later became the standard smartphone photography. Even penetrated to the front camera.

But again Huawei makes a technological leap. In the year 2018 they introduced a three-camera system on mobile phones. When other brands are adapting dual cameras. This three-camera system in Huawei P20 provides better low-light photo capability. This 3 camera system is also present in the Huawei Mate 20.

Samsung was apparently not to lose. They released the Samsung Galaxy A9 with the four rear camera system! However, it is interesting to see how Samsung wears it on a middle-class handphone, not in a high-end or flagship.

The software still plays a role

Until here we've seen the development of a great phone camera. Start a large pixel until the camera loads. On the other hand, there is another interesting thing.

We know that Google released their own mobile phone titled Pixel. Until now the number of Pixel mobile cameras does not increase. Still a single camera on the back.

With the capital of the image processing algorithm software, Google succeeded in proving that a single camera could give a photo that is not inferior — or even better — than a phone with many cameras.

Pixel camera apps can create a nice bokeh effect. The app can also create HDR + photos with a powerful light gradient range. Then, they can also create a live photo.

Even when the application is modified for other mobile phones, the ability can also improve the photo result. Pretty much the modified version. One of these is for the ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M1 (which I tried).

Mobile Pixel 3 also managed to beat the Night Sight technology. This technology can make the dark night look brighter and clearer.

Number increases and we ask

Anyway the fact that the software is very instrumental does not obstruct the manufacturer of Handphone develop camera number. HMD Global reportedly will be releasing the Nokia 9 PureView end of January 2019. This phone is called will have a system of five rear cameras (or even six?).

At this point we may begin to ask. Is the amount of camera and quality that it brings is really worth it? Moreover, there is a risk that the phone looks laughed.

It is undeniable that dual or triple camera systems do help. Anyway almost certainly we always use automatic settings. Just choose a portrait mode or low-light, and take a picture.

Currently we do not yet know what other additional camera functions. What are wide photos? Macro? Fish eye? The question is, will the function often be used? Anyway if you notice, it is rare that it displays panoramic photos on social media. Most are just standard photos.

So, does this growing number of cameras match the price we pay? The answer might be subjective. But there is no harm to dong if we consider. Right no?

Will Zoom Lenses be a New Trend For Mobile Cameras?

Will Zoom Lenses be a New Trend For Mobile Cameras? - In the early years of 2019, new technology for mobile cameras was introduced. That technology is a lens with high level zoom capability. The question is, will this zoom lens be a new trend of phone cameras?

Before, let's look back. Let's look at a little trend of smartphone camera developments. Of course, in order to get a better picture.

Dual camera

Prior to this, a trend that was a plague and managed to become standard was a dual camera. This technology is already present in the far-away days. But only recently the last few years have been present in a massive range of mobile phones.

Nowadays, almost all middle-class phones are already using it. There are even first-class mobile phones installed. While the flagship smartphone, it already moves to the triple camera, quad camera (four cameras), even more (like the Nokia 9 Pureview).

48MP Large Sensor

The large sensors present in some phones today also begin to plague. We've seen quite a lot of mobile phones wearing a large 48MP sensor in his camera.

Anyway, although this could be a trend, it is technically a natural thing. However, the existing processors already support that quality. Then, the camera's sensor device itself is already available. Like Sony's widely used property.

High-level Zoom lens

This technology uses lens systems such as Periscope in a submarine. That way, the camera can get enough space to place the lens position. Instead of being limited to the thick of the phone, the lens range sits in a sideways position.

With this technology, the camera can perform the optical zoom better. Combined with software support (digital zoom), the process of "drawing closer to objects" will be much easier. The cool term for this process is hybrid zoom.

For this technology, there are two companies that race to show them. Oppo and Huawei. Oppo has introduced this technology even before releasing the phone that is wearing it. Huawei has already presented this technology to Huawei P30 Pro.

If you follow the smartphone's development, you know that not a few praise the outcome of this high-level zoom lens. The scenery that previously could not be reached can now be seen well. Even with pretty good results anyway.

Construction determines adaptation level

Well, already we can see that from the technological development side, the use of zoom lenses looks more like the development of dual cameras than 48MP sensors.

That is, the construction requires special treatment. No more availability of devices and installed. Well, installing sensors is also not that easy. But much easier to apply.

That way, it takes itself until various brands and mobile series can adapt this technology. Especially to the class of middle phone. Not to mention if we consider a patent problem, and so forth.

In addition, we will also still see the level of use. Whether using zoom is quite popular or not. Such as the use of bokeh effect a.k.a. Portrait Mode with dual camera. Then, there are other factors like whether a popular brand like Samsung and iPhone will also install it or not.

So it looks, it still takes quite a long time until the super-zoom technology in the phone camera is really popular. Perhaps this technology will slowly present.

Usually, we do not recommend using the Zoom function when shooting. But this technology can change the habits and recommendations. Do you yourself how? Is it interested in the Super Zoom feature on mobile cameras?
This is just an example, you can fill it later with your own note.